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At Think Big Digital Printing we understand the complexities of large format printing and we’d like to help you understand what’s involved in the process. To help make this easier for you and more productive for us, we have created these FAQs.

General FAQ’s

Q: What type of large format printing services does Think Big Digital Printing (TBDP) offer?
A: Primarily our business is creating wall graphics and museum quality graphics, and back lit displays, however we do produce fabric wraps, customized graphic wallpaper, trade show graphics, banners, posters, window displays, building wraps, outdoor signage, vehicle graphics, backdrops and wall and floor graphics.
Q: Do you offer installation?
A: Yes, we provide installers locally in the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area, as well as provide you with qualified installers nationwide.
Q:  How does Think Big Digital Printing help promote my business?
A: TBDP graphics gets your target audience take notice of your company’s message.
  • Since it is significantly larger than other graphics, customers see and remember your company and your products or services.
  • TBDP has a wide variety of materials that are durable for indoor as well as outdoor presentations and are easily cleaned.
  • Large formats produced by TBDP make a great impression in hallways, reception areas, waiting areas and lobbies where they’ll get noticed, read and remembered.
Q: What is your normal turnaround time for a project?
A: Of course lead times vary on each project depending on the quantity and production services required. However, our normal proof is generated within 48-72 hours of receiving artwork. After approval of the proof, production is completed within 7-10 business days.
Q: Do you offer Rush Services?
A: Yes, upon your request we can offer rush services. We will be happy to quote you on any additional charges due to overtime or schedule changes.
Q: What is the maximum size you can print?
A: Sizes vary due to the width of the material you choose. Our output printers can accommodate roll widths of up to 126”. The print area is usually 2” less on each side of the material being printed. For a list of sizes on our individual output devices please contact customer service at 973.279.9174.
Q: Do you have waterproof material that can be printed on?
A: Yes, we do.
Q: Do you offer finishing, for example, hemming, seam matching and pole pockets?
A: Yes, we do.
Q: Can you ship directly to my location and drop ship to other locations?
A: Yes, and we also sort and do kit packing in our shipping department daily. Please provide us with shipping information for all drop shipments.

File Preparation and Proofing FAQ’s

Q: What is the ideal file size that you require for printing?
A: In most cases the size of the file depends on the output device being used. Normally a file of 300 dpi @ 50% of final size is ideal. However it is best to discuss this with our customer service department before starting at 973.279.9174.
Q: How to I send my files to TBDP?
A: We recommend that you send your files to our FTP site. Please contact our customer service staff at 973.279.9174 for instructions on how to access our FTP site. You may also send your files on CD, DVD or Flash Drives.  Note: Files can also be emailed provided they are less than 25 MB to
Q: Can you print from a PDF?
A: Yes, we can. However, if specific color corrections need to be made such as color enhancements, we cannot do that from a PDF. You will need to correct your original native files and send a final PDF to us for proofing.
Q: Can I get additional proofs if I don’t like the first one?
A: Yes, the output device that will print your job generates our proofs. You can then review color and resolution before we output the final printed piece. If the first proof is not acceptable, you may need to make corrections and then additional proofs will be required to meet your approval. In that case additional charges will apply and you will be advised before additional proofs are made.

Resolution and Color FAQ’s

Q: Should I be working in RBG or CMYK?
A: You may work in either color space. We will convert your files depending on the output device that will produce your job.
Q: What should the dpi be? And what is the resolution of your output device?
A: We request a 300 dpi file @ 50% final size. Our resolution is from 350 dpi to true photographic resolution.

Care and Maintenance of a ThinkBig™ Large Format Print

Q: I’m concerned about fading, what has your experience been?
A: Like everything else, our products will eventually fade due to sunlight and the colors may lose their vibrancy over time. Depending on the exposure to direct sunlight you may notice over time that the warm colors such as reds, yellows, oranges will fade faster than the greens, blues. However, fading is a very slow process and you may not notice color change for years.
Q: What is the best way to store the graphics when not in use?
A: We suggest that the graphics be stored flat and in a dry cool space away from a moist and/or heated environment. They can be rolled up and placed in tubes but those need to have a 12” diameter core space to avoid any damage.